Movement Re-Patterning

What is Movement Re-Patterning?

Our brains contain a “map” of our bodies and use that map to move us around in the world. The brain’s pathways for our common movements become clearly defined, but the pathways for less common movements become “muddied” over time from lack of use. So when a less common movement is called for, our brains might choose the clear pathway instead and move us in a way that is easier but not the best for our bodies. This can result in injury over time from moving improperly.

Our brains can develop faulty pathways of movement for a variety of reasons, including compensations we have made after an injury or because we mimicked the dysfunctional movements of others when learning to walk.  Faulty pathways can lead to poor posture, chronic pain or injury.

Movement re-patterning involves retraining the brain to correctly coordinate our muscles in small movements that are part of our larger movements.  With conscious attention and repetition, these small movements done correctly will create clear pathways of proper movement for the brain’s map.

When combined with massage and other forms of bodywork, movement re-patterning can help you maintain the restored muscle tone and posture achieved during your session.  Movement re-patterning gets to the source of much soft-tissue discomfort by clearing up the faulty movement pathways that have lead to poor posture, pain and injury.  You learn the movements during your session and then practice them on your own.  Movements are performed for a short duration, pain-free and with your full attention.  In a short time, you will find that your body naturally moves and holds itself better.