Sessions – Rates & Scheduling


Schedule your sessions by using the online scheduler, calling (248-425-3675) or emailing. Hours, address and “booknow” link to scheduler are on the right. You can also download the Genbook App for iphone or android, save Centered Bodywork as a Favorite, and easily schedule anytime, anywhere!

Sessions & Rates

Choose from Therapeutic, Wellness or Hot Stone sessions. Each session is customized to your particular needs, often using several types of bodywork, so rates are based on duration rather than the type of bodywork received. Please note that session duration indicated is the amount of hands-on attention you will receive (you might want to ask this of other therapists you may be considering).

Therapeutic – Choose this if you want consultation time before or after the hands-on work. For example, if your situation requires “problem-solving” or if you want discussion time outside of your time on the table. A slightly longer amount of hands-on attention (30, 60, 90, 120 minutes) compared to Wellness (20, 50, 80, 110).

Wellness – Choose this if you want all the benefits of a relaxation massage at a more affordable price. Slightly less hands-on attention and less off-table consultation time than in Therapeutic. You can receive therapeutic work if you’re okay with discussion during the hands-on time.

Hot Stone – Heated stones take your session to the next level! Whether you want to increase your relaxation or intensify the therapeutic benefits of a deep tissue massage, the penetrating heat of the stones will definitely get you there.

Have a question which is right for you? Call or email me to discuss (see contact info at right).

Choose an individual session, a 5-session package or join Cb CLUB wellness for monthly massages!

Individual Rates                     Cb CLUB wellness                 Package of 5 (Save 10%) 

Therapeutic Sessions                                                                         Therapeutic Packages
30-Minutes – $55                                                                                 5  30-Minutes – $247.50
60-Minutes – $90                                                                                 5  60-Minutes – $405
90-Minutes – $125                                                                                5  90-Minutes – $562.50
120-Minutes – $155                                                                               5 120-Minutes – $697.50

Wellness Sessions                    Cb CLUB wellness                         Wellness Packages
20-Minutes – $40                       20-Minutes – $30                         5 20-Minutes – $180
50-Minutes – $75                        50-Minutes – $65                        5 50-Minutes – $337.50
80-Minutes – $110                       80-Minutes – $100                       5 80-Minutes – $495
110-Minutes – $140                      110-Minutes – $130                        5 110-Minutes – $630

Hot Stone Sessions                                                                              Hot Stone Packages
60-Minutes – $110                                                                                 5 60-Minutes – $495
90-Minutes – $145                                                                                5 90-Minutes – $652.50
120-Minutes – $175                                                                               5 120-Minutes – $787.50

Cb CLUB wellness
Membership in Cb CLUB wellness entitles you to one (1) discounted 20-, 50-, 80- or 110-minute session per month. Regular massage has been shown to reduce stress, increase immune system function, boost mental health and wellness, manage pain and improve physical fitness. (source: American Massage Therapy Assn) For more information and to join the CLUB, download the application.

You may pay with cash, personal check, credit or debit Visa/Mastercard/AmEx/Discover. HSA and FSA credit cards accepted as well!

Delayed Payment for Services

If payment is not made at time of service, the following rates apply. These rates will be reflected in your bill but might not be included in your appointment notification:

30-Minute Session – $100
60-Minute Session – $200
90-Minute Session – $300